Store Availability

Memorial Day Weekend: Closed Sunday & Monday

🥳😁 ❤ Upcoming Events ❤🥳😁

2nd Silent Book Reading - Sunday, May 26th 11 am - 1 pm @ 29 Palms Cemetery 5350 Encelia Ave - Samples and Bagels for Sale

Typical days and hours of operation: Monday thru Friday for online sales and deliveries or drop offs. We will be closed on the weekends to support our partners.

To guarantee availability of bagels and breads, you may place your order the day before. The cutoff time for Day-Before-Orders must be placed by 6 pm. 

Deliveries and drop offs are available for Joshua Tree and 29 Palms and even Wonder Valley!

DoorDash is sometimes available. Follow us @29Loaves to be informed around DoorDash availability.

😎👇❤ Our Partners Selling Our Bagels  😎👇

Desert General Store in Downtown 29 Palms, Saturdays and Wednesday

Open Vault Studios in Yucca Valley, Fridays